The Ghazi Attack (2017)

Films that discuss the same thing throughout their run time are quite common in Hollywood. Making such films in India is a bit risky thing, especially in the South like Telugu as there are many criteria to look upon, like its financial strength etc. Good thing is audiences’ taste of watching films is getting changed slowly. They prefer story oriented and exciting films to the routine commercial ones. In this stage of transition comes the film “Ghazi” which is simultaneously made as “The Ghazi Attack” in Hindi with cast like Rana Daggubati, Kay Kay Menon, Taapsee, Atul Kulakarni. While “Sankalp Reddy” is introduced as director to the industry, “Matinee Entertainments” and “PVP Films” produce the Telugu version and “Karan Johar” and “AA Films” present the Hindi version.

Plot :

Besides all the wars between India and Pakistan, there is a hidden war under water, in 1971 between Pakistan’s submarine “Ghazi” and India’s “S21”. This plot deals with how S21 defeated Ghazi.

Narration :

This story was supposed to be made as a short film which turned out to be a feature film with the initiation of the producers. Though there are big production houses behind, talented actors in hand, narration of these kinds of stories should be in a top level. Director Sankalp’s dedication in making the narration an intriguing one is depicted in every frame. Along with him, there are master brain “Gunnam Gangaraju” who is more inclined towards these kinds of things. They together narrated an unknown story in an exciting way.

This film has been censored for 123 minutes. Keeping aside Rahul Dravid’s smoking lecture, this film runs for lesser than two hours as director was precise to the point in his narration without any deviations.

The entire narration happens in a submarine and the entire cast are Navy officials. This lets the makers use technical terms of Navy and technological terms of submarine like Sonar, Turpedo, Starboard, Port etc. A layman does not know what do they mean. An ordinary film-maker takes time to explain about each part of a submarine and then starts the journey. Sankalp handled this in such a way that audience comes to know about every technical term during the narration. These kinds of narration happen in Hollywood films and Sankalp employed it so well.

Also, there are some shots and scenes in the film which show the director’s brilliance like the surfacing and diving shots of submarine and the countering techniques of S21. The most impressive thing is, director never tried to degrade “Pakistan” to elevate “Hindustan” verbally or visually. He just portrayed the soldiers’ emotions when they win the mission by showing their army disciplinary actions thus touching the right patriotic chords in the audiences.

There are more things in this film which should be experienced rather than to be read. This film is for those who got vexed of routine commercial films and want to watch a new style of narration. Rather than wishing good days for films, encouraging these kinds of films really bring those “Acche Din” for film industry.

Performances :

Rana’s filmography gets a new milestone in the name of “Ghazi” where he portrayed the subtle emotions so well. Kay Kay Menon is one of the finest actors Indian Film Industry produced and there’s no need to comment on his performance as Ranvir Singh. Atul Kulakarni lived the role whereas Taapsee didn’t get much significance. Veterans like Late Om Puri and Nasser got respectable roles.

There are some young talents like Satya Dev who can make his presence felt, as Sonar operator. Priyadarshi, Laxman, Bharath Reddy, Tiru Veer got some good roles.

Strengths :

  1. Story, Screenplay & Direction. Sankalp’s passion and dedication towards making this film is depicted in every frame. Gunnam Gangaraju should be credited as well, for screenplay.
  2. Madhie’s Cinematography. Sets the mood.
  3. Sreekar Prasad’s Editing. These kinds of films rely on editing to a greater extent where emotions of multiple persons for a single impact should be noticeable.
  4. Krishna Kumar’s Background score. Popularly known as “K”, his contribution was immense with his involving background score.
  5. Shivaram’s Art Direction. He recreated a submarine with all the technical features very well.
  6. Production Values. Without the initiation of a producer, no great film comes out of the story board. Producers of this film seem to be never compromised in the quality.

– Yashwanth Aluru

Click here for the Telugu version of this Review…

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