Majnu (2016)

There is no new story to write in the 100 years history of Indian cinema. A new style of narration is needed and that’s why filmmakers concentrate more on narration than on story. Such a film is “Majnu“. Directed by “Virinchi Varma“, this film stars “Natural Star” Nani, Anu Emmanuel and Priyasri in lead roles. It is produced by “Kiran” and “Geetha” under their respective production houses “Anandi Art Creations” and “Keva Movies“.

Plot :

Aditya (Nani) starts narrating his past love story with Kiranmai (Anu) to Suma (Priyasri) in order to impress Suma. He realises that he still loves Kiranmai and decides to apologise her. Meanwhile Suma falls for Aditya. Rest plot deals with how Aditya tried to meet Kiranmai and answered Suma and what are the hurdles he faced in this trail.

Narration, Direction – Analysis :

Though this is an old plot, director Virinchi had some elements to let his story receive audience’s applause. First element is “Nani” while the second one is “Narration“.

Nani is such an actor who can attract audience to the theatres well. If Nani stars in a film an audience expects ample amount of entertainment thus making this film a “Minimum Guarantee Venture“. Director made use of it well.

When came to narration, there is nothing fresh yet it doesn’t let audience feel bored in the first half due to the amazing locales and music. This film can easily attract college students due to its college backdrop. Elders also have somethings to relate, like driving an old “Yamaha RX 100” in their youth. Four songs that come in the first half takes the audience to intermission easily where director had a thrilling point.

The director failed to carry forward the thrill of intermission sequence in the second half. Vennela Kishore’s entry produces some laughter yet the second half slows down. Still Nani successfully tries to make audiences stick to their seats with his natural performance and timing. Recollecting the love letter visually in the pre-climax are good. The train sequence is so funny for which Nani should be appreciated.

There is something to talk about the male lead’s characterisation. A character is said to be well established if its deeds or behaviour have an impact on the narration. Take Gautham Menon’s “Yemaya Chesave” for instance. Portraying its lead as “Assistant Director” had its own impact on the narration. In this film, there is no such case. Introducing Aditya as assistant director of “Bahubali” and having “Rajamouli” in a cameo isn’t helpful in any way. Referencing “Bahubali” often, linking a separate comedy track to it felt like a business trick or director’s intention of reminding that film. If so, he should remember that audience can never forget “Bahubali”. Present day directors should keep a point in their minds that “Though the story is weak, every character introduced in it should have some purpose for how it behaves and what it does“.

Thus, “Majnu” is a film that entertains those who are vexed with heavy monsoons, college students and those who loves Nani.

Performances :

“Natural Star” Nani came up with a very natural performance where he easily makes you laugh and touches your heart at tragic turns. Anu and Sripriya did well yet there’s no much Telugu flavour in them. Cameo by Rajamouli and guest appearance of Raj Tarun were ineffective. Vennela Kishore, Satya, Saptagiri tried to entertain a bit. Rest like Satya Krishna, Posani, Sivanarayana, Raj Madiraju, Kesavadeep etc. had their roles.

Strengths :

  1. Gnanasekhar’s Cinematography. All the visuals are so eminent with amazing locales and lighting.
  2. Gopi Sundar’s Music. He came up with nice compositions like “Jare Jare”, “Oye Meghamla”, “Oorike Ala” and he supported the film well with his songs.
  3. Mirchi Kiran’s Dialogues. They are apt for the film.
  4. Nani’s Performance. Natural.
  5. Production Values. Producers Kiran and Geetha took enough care to make the film appear rich.

Lowlands :

  1. Old story.
  2. Unnecessary scenes and purposeless characterisations.

– Yashwanth Aluru

Click here for Telugu version of this Review…

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