Jyo Achyutananda (2016)

Just peep into someone’s life and there exist lots of stories which can be made as films with enough dramatisation. No film maker failed by following this principle. “Avasarala Srinivas” is one among them who proved his mettle with his debut film. He came up with “Jyo Achyutananda” this year starring Nara Rohith, Naga Shourya and Regina Cassandra in lead roles. “Rajani Korrapati” produced this film under “Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram” production house while “Sai Korrapati” presented it.

Plot :

Two brothers Achyut (Rohith) and Anand (Shourya) fall in love with their tenant Jyotsna (Regina). This plot deals with points like how the brothers expressed their love towards Jo and whether Jo accepted anyone’s love.

Narration, Direction – Analysis :

“Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu” was the best film that dealt with the emotions among brothers, in recent times. But its director dealt with anger and ego among lots of emotions in that relationship. In this film, director Avasarala dealt with envy among the brothers.

Though director tried to portray the relationship among the brothers in a natural way there were some places where he had taken dramatic liberty. The main plot point of brothers falling for same girl knowingly was the best example. This kind of situation may come between two close friends but it’s unconventional that it comes between brothers yet director didn’t make it feel embarrassing anywhere.

Narration was very creative from its inception especially at the point where Achyut and Anand pretend themselves as good before their wives. Here, editor “Kiran Ganti” contributed a lot to the director’s idea. As said above, envy among brothers was portrayed well in the scenes like Anand winning Tennis trophy after watching Jo and Achyut being closer to each other and Achyut throwing a stone at Anand instead of throwing at a dog. Real life brothers can relate these kinds of sequences with their lives easily.

Above all, it felt so good for the director mentioning the classic Telugu novel “Chivaraku Migiledi” by “Buchibabu“. Present generation doesn’t know that this writer and novel existed in Telugu literature history. I guess apart from “Indraganti Mohankrishna” no other director mentioned about this novel anytime. Avasarala not only referred its name and one of its chapter “Chappudu Cheyani Sankellu” but he used it to end his film which was highly appreciable. It feels Avasarala got a great respect towards Telugu literature.

Though there are lots of creative scenes the narration in the second half was sluggish until it come halfway. Some sequences like “Dialogue in the Dark” were unable to get registered though being creative. Such weak narration was lifted high by “Oka Lalana” song well written by “Bhaskarabhatla” sung soulfully by “Shankar Mahadevan“. It was also supported by the emotional performances of Rohith and Shourya. Even the climax scene was emotional enough and gave a good ending for this film.

On the whole, “Jyo Achyutananda” is such a film which makes you happy when watched with your brother and makes you feel like talking to your brother if you have one and watched without him. Just go for it!!

Performances :

Rohith and Shourya lived the roles of brothers. Rohith’s physique which has been irritating till now became a natural supporter for this script. Shourya gave a matured performance too. Regina justified her role well. Rest cast like Sita, Bharani, Chaitanya, Pavani, Shashank, Chaitanya Krishna, Hemanth were apt for their roles.

Strengths :

  1. Story, Screenplay & Direction. Avasarala proved once again how a plot point is supported by creative narration.
  2. Kiran Ganti’s Editing. His work was very supportive to the director’s view.
  3. Dialogues. Avasarala tried to entertain by using pure Telugu words in most of his dialogues.
  4. Bhaskarabhatla’s Lyrics. It’s good to see a lyric writer getting complete freedom from a director. Even Bhaskarabhatla employed only Telugu words in his lyrics. “Oka Lalana” song was an example for this love towards the language and this script.
  5. Kalyanaramana’s Music. An emotional script was lifted well by Kalyanaraman’s music. “Oka Lalana” can be considered as the best song in recent times.
  6. Production Values. “Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram” stands in the front row among the production houses which produce films just by the instinct of plot.

Lowland :

  1. Sluggish narration in the second half delivered a feel of watching a lengthier film though the entire runtime is 126 minutes.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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