Nani Gentleman (2016)

“Mohankrishna Indraganti” who won awards for “Grahanam”, who scored a hit with “Ashta Chamma”, who won critical acclaim with “Golconda High School” couldn’t get much recognition in the film industry. “Nani” who was introduced by him teamed up with him again for “Nani Gentleman”. Surabhi and Nivetha Thomas played female leads. “Sivalenka Krishnaprasad” who produced films like “Aditya 369”, “Vamshanikokkadu” and “Mithrudu” produced it under his “Sridevi Movies” production house.

Plot :

Catherine (Nivetha) and Aishwarya (Surabhi) share about their respective relationships with Gautham (Nani) and Jai (Nani) with each other, during a flight journey. What happens next? Are Gautham and Jai the same person? Who’s the hero and who’s the villain? form the plot points.

Narration :

In general, these kinds of thrillers start with a past incident and come up with incidents that happen till then. But director Indraganti started narration with a present incident and went back to past. This may not be a great thing but felt good.

The romantic tracks of Gautham-Catherine and Jai-Aishwarya were portrayed so well. Especially, the aspect of living a nomad life in the second story was good yet it should’ve been more touching. Anyway, “Manisharma” had given his complete contribution to these tracks with his compositions “Gusa Gusalade” and “Chaligaali Chudu”. These two songs reintroduce Manisharma to his fans. Indraganti should also be appreciated for this.

Indraganti also created a good interest towards second half with the intermission scene. For this, “David” who provided the basic plot, should also be appreciated.

The second half was so important which portrays Jai as the culprit. The scenes between Catherine and Jai, Jai and Vamsi (Avasarala Srinivas) showed the other side of Jai yet there is something missing here. There were no great scenes showing Jai has a lot of troubles around him. Had there been scenes troubling Jai and let him escape them it would’ve been much better. Yet Manisharma excelled in the sequence where Catherine enters Jai’s room with the breathtaking background score.

Besides these thrilling scenes, there was Darshanam (Vennela Kishore), a suspecting boss who tickled the audience very much. The way of ending the film appeared a bit hurry but it is better as narration was sluggish till then.

On a whole, “Nani Gentleman” may not be a great film yet a good film that gets more chances for Indraganti, reintroduced Manisharma to his fans. It is an enjoyable film when watched along with entire family.

One more thing… I felt there is an inspiration from Shankar’s “Gentleman” behind naming this film as “Gentleman”. Readers who had already watched can try to think of it and who haven’t can think after watching. 🙂

Performances :

After “Yevade Subramanyam” this is the film in which Nani came up with a new style of performance. His performance was usual as Gautham and very good as Jai. Nivetha Thomas delivered good expressions though this is her first film in Telugu. Surabhi was okay. Avasarala Srinivas did the crucial role well. Srimukhi’s character got a good importance in the plot. While Vennela Kishore tickled the funny bones, Tanikella Bharani, Rohini, Pragathi, Vinay Varma and rest were fine.

Strengths :

  1. Story & Screenplay. This is not a thriller with much exaggerations in plot and screenplay. Plot and narration were plain and good.
  2. Manisharma’s music. Though plot and narration were plain Manisharma supported this film so much with his music and background score and gave a good thrilling experience.
  3. Nani’s Performance. Being credited as “Natural Star”, there is no monotony in his performance. He did much well.

Lowland(s) :

  1. Sluggish narration in second half.

– Yashwanth Aluru

Click here for Telugu version of this Review…

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