Supreme (2016)

An audience just wants a film shouldn’t let him bored until he stays in the auditorium despite routine content. The film “Pataas” introduced “Anil Ravipudi” as one among directors who do not let their audience feel bored. His second film “Supreme” authenticated his style once again. Starring Sai Dharam Tej and Raashi Khanna in lead roles, this film was produced by “Sirish” under “Sri Venkateswara Creations”, presented by “Dil Raju”.

Plot :

A trust of Anantapur gets into control of a ruthless businessman Vikram Sarkar (Kabir Duhan) and there comes the time to search for the trust’s heir. Balu (Sai Dharam Tej) leads his life as a taxi driver at Hyderabad. How Balu is related to trust’s problem and how does he solve it form this plot.

Narration :

Good Things…

As the plot of this film was a regular one, director Anil tried to engage his audiences with characterizations and their behaviours. “Don’t sound horn” for Balu, “Zing Zing” for Tom and Cruise, “Coffee” for Sivannarayana’s character were examples. Using “Don’t sound horn” and “Zing Zing” in a same scene of second half was good.

The “hide & seek” episode in second half was executed very funny and the song “Anjaneyudu Neevadu” was placed at the right moment. I felt director used most of the characters he introduced in the narration.

There is another appreciable thing about Anil Ravipudi. I found negligible amount of double meaning dialogues in “Supreme” which is rare in present day commercial films.

Usual Things…

It felt there was no need for a challenge with a reel hero and an item girl for the hero’s introduction song. Now a days, audience thinks of an introduction song before the director thinks. Director should’ve gone directly to the song after the first action sequence.

There was a funny antagonist character “Biku” played by Bollywood actor “Ravikishan”. If director’s aim was to make fun of him then a Telugu actor like “Ajay” or “Supreeth” would’ve been a right choice because an actor cannot deliver good performance unless he has a good command on the language. Ravikishan’s character entirely depended on Ravi Shankar’s dubbing and whatever fun he made on screen was purely dubbing’s credit. Director couldn’t even correct the actor’s lip movement properly. Also, there is no need to take the narration to Odisha to satisfy the logic for opting non-Telugu speaking actor. Instead, it could be taken to Karimnagar or Vijayanagaram by opting Telugu actors.

The chasing sequence shot in Rajasthan was felt bored being lenghtier. Also, the disabled people’s action sequence which appeared good at beginning was extended. It also reminded of MRPF scene in “Pataas”.


As said, Anil Ravipudi has a potential to let his audience sit in the auditorium without feeling bored. If he tries to be just commercial in his upcoming films then he might face the saturated situation of Sreenu Vaitla. I feel he should change his way.

As a general audience, “Supreme” is definitely good to watch once and come out laughing. If you watch it along with two or more of your friends then you will enjoy more.

Performances :

Sai Dharam Tej is improving himself from film to film. His performance was more original in this film without any imitations. If any heroine says “This film is very important for my career” in an audio function or an interview it means she got nothing great to do in that film. Raashi Khanna as “Bellam Sreedevi” is an authenticator for this statement. Child artist Gandhi did well in the crucial role. Rest cast like Saikumar, Rajendra Prasad, Tanikella Bharani, Raghubabu, Posani, Sreenivasa Reddy, Sivannarayana, Vennela Kishore, “Kshanam” Rajesh were good enough. Prithvi Raj and Prabhas Sreenu was ultimately funny with “Zing Zing”. Antagonists Ravikishan and Kabir Duhan depended on dubbing.

Strengths :

  1. Sai Sreeram’s Cinematography. “Taxi Wala” and “Anjaneyudu” songs were examples for his good work.
  2. Sai Kartheek’s Music. He excelled with “Anjaneyudu” song and background score of second half.
  3. Production Values. As usual, Dil Raju along with Sirish didn’t compromise in making this film appear rich.

Weaknesses :

  1. Songs’ Presentation. Except “Anjaneyudu” all the songs were disappointing including “Andam Hindolam” remix. It’s time for Anil Ravipudi to concentrate on this.
  2. Lengthier Action Sequences. All the action sequences were lengthier and boring.

– Yashwanth Aluru

Click here for Telugu version of this Review…

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