Raja Cheyyi Vesthe (2016)

“Raja Cheyyi Vesthe” is a film that had Nara Rohith and Isha Talwar as lead pair whereas forgotten actor Nandamuri Tarakaratna as the antagonist. It was directed by “Pradeep Chilukuri” and produced by “Sai Korrapati” under his “Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram” production house.

Plot :

Manik (Tarakaratna) is a ruthless goon and Rajaram (Nara Rohith) is a normal person who tries to become a film-maker. What made these two different people leading different lives confront each other forms the story point.

Narration – Direction :

This kind of narration where two different characters with different characterizations confront each other is found in RGV’s films. Director Pradeep followed the same strategy for his film and designed the main characters well. He established Manik well with a thought of taking a selfie with his men at the place of crime. He also made him witty by saying he trusts himself rather than trusting his men. Raja’s character was designed quite opposite where he employs creativity rather than cruelty. So, the director should be appreciated for these characterizations.

In this plot where protagonist and antagonist confront each other at the end, director wanted to go commercial and failed to handle it. There was an unattractive love thread between lead pair, laughter less comedy track by chubby Rohith with his chubby friends. In addition to this, director defended himself in a dialogue for using orphans to flatter the heroine. All these could be the results of lazy creativity.

Some scenes of this film were interesting like the director offering Raja to kill Manik, but by the time it appeared on screen, it was very tiresome due to unwanted commercialism and audience couldn’t feel it. Director should be appreciated for the graveyard action sequence in the second half. He established Manik’s cruelty once again here with the song “Rakshasa” and Tarakaratna was very good. I liked the shot where blood appeared on Manik’s forehead as vermilion. This was the last appreciated scene of this film.

Rest narration was very boring including the main thread of Rajeev Kanakala. Besides a boring song at this place, Manik saying “sorry” for killing Rajeev accidentally was funny instead of being pitiable. This sequence can lead to climax directly yet director gave an extended narration. Anyhow, the climax was good enough.

Thus, Raja Cheyyi Vesthe got very good characterizations yet overshadowed by director’s inexperience and unwanted commercialism. It had a potential to be a much better action film.

Performances :

There is no change in Rohith’s performance and his weight. The main reason for me watching this film was Tarakaratna. His screen presence as antagonist was very good. If concentrated on performance more then there won’t be any need of Bombay villains in Telugu films further. Isha Talwar wasn’t so beautiful but her performance was acceptable. Rest like Avasarala Srininvas, Sivaji Raja, Shashank, Ravi Varma and Rajeev Kanakala were okay.

Strengths :

  1. Characterizations. Rajaram and Manik were characterized well.
  2. Sarvesh Murari’s Cinematography. Graveyard visuals were very good.
  3. Production Values. “Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram” was another reason behind watching this film. The production values were rich.

Weaknesses :

  1. Narration. Narration was very sluggish with unwanted commercialism and a runtime of 143 minutes is unnecessary for this film.
  2. Editing. It wasn’t smooth and made audience change his mood suddenly.

– Yashwanth Aluru

Click here for Telugu version of this Review

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