Sarrainodu (2016)

Without any introduction, let’s move on…

Plot :

It’s the story of how does Gana (Bunny), who cannot tolerate injustice confront Vairam Dhanush (Aadhi Pinisetty), who lives on injustice.

Narration – Direction :

It’s a full fledged commercial film that depends on screenplay rather than on a story. But Boyapati concentrated on individual scenes rather than on the whole screenplay. As a regular commercial audience here is my opinion about it.

Good Things…

Previous Boyapati’s films were just powerful but this film was very stylish besides being powerful. Maybe, Bunny was a reason yet Boyapati should be appreciated for making a good use of production values in shaping out this film in a stylish manner.

Boyapati is capable of making the film intense with a single scene and involve audience well in it. Such scenes used to come at intermission in his previous films but here, it came a bit earlier in the form of “court scene”. This was the scene I watched keenly in the whole film. A fight sequence in pub and the following function scene had Boyapati’s mark on them.

Cinematography and songs helped this film a lot. Though songs were average to listen, they were presented beautifully on screen. The song “Athiloka Sundari” had a good choreography. Among all, I loved the song “Telusa Telusa”. It was the only good number from Thaman and Boyapati, cinematographer “Rishi Punjabi” presented it lovely on screen. Some shots in Bolivia were as colourful as songs in Shankar’s film. Rakul portrayed a very good emotions in at lines “Naa oopire nilipaavu ra”. This song was more lovely than that of “Nee Kanti Choopulloki” of “Legend”.

Boyapati who presented violent action sequences opted stylish sequences in this film. The climax fight was the best of all. Maybe, “Kicha” was its composer.

Disappointing Things…

Boyapati is an experienced film-maker yet he comes up with immature scenes at times. Though he tried explain in dialogues, it’s indigestible to watch Gana’s behaviour with an MLA. Maybe, because he is the son of state’s chief secretary, it should be accepted. If not, this topic should be concluded saying not to search for logic in a commercial film. Also, Anjani (Catherine) who wanted to marry Gana leaving him saying “I’m not correct for you”, after knowing Jana’s (Rakul) past, was not impressive. It’s indigestible when Gana, who strived a lot to impress Anjani till then, accepted her words. I felt this plot’s problem would have been more intense if Jana was Gana’s sister rather than his heroine. This is just my opinion. If you feel this as an immature opinion then please pardon me.

Boyapati failed to make the intermission sequence intense like how he made it in his “Dhammu” and “Legend”.

Boyapati doesn’t respect any character in his film apart from the main lead. He creates lots of characters and opts for renowned senior actors yet he just makes them run behind lead rather than giving them an individuality and respect. Take Gana’s uncle Sripathi (Srikanth), an audience expects something from him but gets disappointed when he had nothing. Boyapati should also come out of the myth that an antagonist should be cruelly stupid and he should be always lesser than protagonist. He couldn’t respect a senior like “Jagapathi Babu”, how could he respect “Aadhi Pinisetty”?


Sarrainodu can be watched once for stylish making, action sequences and beautiful cinematography.

Performances :

The entire film runs on Bunny and there were limited scenes where he doesn’t appear on screen. His performance was forced in most of the action sequences. He looked very stylish in this film. Rakul portrayed very good emotions. Catherine got a lengthy yet wasted role in this film and she was very beautiful in sarees as MLA. Srikanth got a pitiable character of praising Bunny all the time. Aadhi Pinisetty is a Boyapati’s antagonist. Though Brahmanandam is unnecessary, he entertained at places with dialogues about “wife”. Rest cast like Saikumar, Suman and all were wasted.

Strengths :

  1. Rishi Punjabi’s Cinematography. All the visuals were top notch. He excelled in the songs “Telusa Telusa” and “Private Party”.
  2. M. Rathnam’s Dialogues. They were good at places.
  3. Action Sequences. Ram-Laxman, Venkat and Kicha should be appreciated for designing stylish action sequences.
  4. Production Values. Allu Aravind didn’t compromise at any point in making his son’s film rich.

Weaknesses :

  1. Boyapati’s Screenplay. Slow, immature narration made this film run till 159 minutes.
  2. Thaman’s Music. Songs and background score failed to impress.
  3. Wasted Characters and Artists. This should be seriously changed in Boyapati’s films.

– Yashwanth Aluru

Click here for Telugu version of this review…

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