Savitri (2016)

In present day commercial cinema, we hardly find importance for female lead. If there is a commercial male lead then female lead’s character sticks only for songs. But “Savitri” directed by “Pavan Sadineni” came in contrary to this trend. Starring Nanditha and Nara Rohith, this film was produced by “Rajendra Prasad” under “Vision Film Makers” production house.

Plot :

Savitri (Nanditha), who has grown up with an immense interest towards “marriage” meets Rishi (Nara Rohith) in a train journey. It deals with the mentality of Savitri and how Rishi was able to handle it and finally wins her heart.

Narration :

In general, in these kinds of stories, hero impresses heroine so easily and then strives to impress her family, which was seen many times in a Srinu Vaitla’s film. But Pavan should be appreciated for narrating the same kind of story in the “other” way. So, let’s analyse his work…

Honourable Aspects…

The other way mentioned above means, Rishi gave a lot of importance for Savitri’s acceptance. He respected her ideology and behaviour throughout the film rather than playing some cheap tricks to impress her. He always tried to be himself and let her be herself. He respected her family and even resisted himself though she slapped him in front of his opponents. No present day commercial hero respects his heroine to this extent. Not just him, even the audience doesn’t show disrespect towards Savitri. Maintaining such respect throughout the film in both Rishi and audience was a pure victory of Writing for which Pavan should be appreciated.

Not only Rishi, director Pavan respected Savitri to such an extent where he ignored his hero and concentrated on portraying her life for the first 15 minutes. Music director “Shravan” supported Pavan well in this sequence with his “Anaganaga” song. He also supported him in the entire train sequence playing the tune of “Pillo O Pillo” song with different musical instruments. Pavan portrayed Savitri well in that song too.

Besides a dull narration from then, director was able to bring that “respect” again in the pre-climax. Dialogue writer “Krishna Chaitanya” was another reason for this. His sensible dialogues didn’t just elevated the drama but also let Savitri understand Rishi well.

Coming to commercial aspects, the train sequence at parts and the scene where Rishi plays Rummy with Savitri’s father in second half were funny.

Dishonourable Aspects…

The threads of characters played by Ravibabu, Posani were very forced in this film and were completely unnecessary. Maybe, Ravibabu’s character tickled a bit, Posani’s “Krishna” drama was a mere waste. Imposing the mentions of Chandrababu Naidu and Balakrishna was just a show off. Even the fight sequence using astrology in the second half belongs to the same category. Pavan shouldn’t have strived to be commercial by neglecting Savitri and concentrating on Rishi.


“Savitri” is a female oriented commercial film. Apart from above drawbacks, I feel it can be watched once for the characterizations done by director.

Performances :

Nanditha carried the title role well with utmost love towards it but her performance appeared artificial at the places where she dances for “Mayabazar” song. Nara Rohith is going on improving his performance as well as his weight. It’s uncomfortable to see a stout hero in such commercial love stories, especially in romantic scenes. He did well in the pre-climax scene. He should be appreciated more for opting this kind of story where hero has lesser importance.

Director’s choice of opting Murali Sharma as Savitri’s father was good rather than going for Rao Ramesh but it becomes monotony if Murali gets more characters like this. Remaining cast like Ajay, Prabhas Sreenu, Rama Prabha, Satya, Shakalaka Shankar, Posani, Vennela Kishore, Jeeva, Ravi Babu, Fish Venkat, Satyam Rajesh were okay. I liked Dhanya Balakrishna’s performance as Savitri’s sister above all these performances.

More Eminences :

  1. Vasanth’s Cinematography. All the visuals that portrayed village environment and marriage set were authentic.
  2. Shravan’s Music. “Anaganaga” and “Pillo O Pillo” were good and background music by Shravan supported the narration a lot.
  3. Krishna Chaitanya Dialogues. All the dialogues were sensible and elevated the drama well.
  4. Production Values. Likewise director, producer Rajendra Prasad respected “Savitri” and employed good production values.

Lowlands :

  1. Unnecessary commercial elements let the film go out of track hence making the second half’s narration a bit slower.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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