Run (2016)

Remaking a film is not easy in general. Some changes have to be made in order to impress the new language’s audiences. This becomes an exception for some films like “Run”. Starring Sundeep Kishan and Anisha Ambrose, this film was directed by “Ani Kanneganti” who was well known with “Mr. Nookayya”. It’s a remake of 2013 Malayalam film “Neram” directed by Alphonse Puthiren. “Run” was produced by Sudhakar, Kishore and Ajay under “A.K.Entertainments” production house.

Plot :

Due to bad time, Sanjay (Sundeep) loses his job and borrows some money from Vaddi Raja (Bobby Simha) for some reason. What’s that reason? How did Sanjay manage to repay the money? Did he succeed in winning his love Amulya (Anisha)? form the rest of the plot.

Narration :

I watched the original film “Neram” and director Ani didn’t do any change for his film. Maybe, because all the characters and scenes of Neram can be reached to everyone. As it is a thriller, it’s good to analyse in Syd Field’s Act Structure.

Act 1 – Set Up

Making physical things as a character in your story is easier but giving an abstract thing like “Time” a prominent role and making the audience feel it is a tedious task. Original writer Alphonse should be appreciated in this aspect. There comes mentioning of “Time” in the narration often.

For a thriller, characters are very important as they take audience into the plot well. This film had all characters in that way. Introducing Sanjay, Vaddi Raja were examples. Glad that director opted to reprise Bobby Simha in Telugu version rather than going for others like Sampath Raj. As he is new to Telugu audiences, they can enjoy the character. Though Amulya’s introduction was OK, her father Srinivasulu (Kashi Vishwanath) was entertaining.

Act 2 – Confrontation

Confronting is done by a character in thrillers but here we have “Time” which confronts every character from Sanjay to Manik (Mahat Raghavendra). Ani should’ve done a favour by eliminating the song for Manik in the Telugu version. It’s unnecessary in both Malayalam and Telugu versions. Meanwhile Padmavathi (Brahmaji) entertained well along with Srinivasulu.

Act 3 – Resolution

“If time causes a problem then it is resolved by time itself”. As the film’s plot is based on this point, director ended it in that way only. Narration was quick in the third Act. Ani should be appreciated for not extending Posani’s character in the Telugu version. It became highly monotonous in recent thrillers, torturing audience through Posani. So, by 109 minutes, film ended.


If you haven’t watched “Neram” then you can enjoy “Run” to some extent.

Performances :

Sundeep Kishan fails to deliver expressions, even after doing a bunch of films. He lies the same in all kinds of scenes without flexing his facial muscles. Anyhow, he got a good name for selecting versatile stories and it’s the time to concentrate on performance now. Anisha was cute for the role. It’s the third time Bobby Simha doing the same role yet he is new for Telugu, so they can enjoy his reactions for “Legend” ringtone. Rest cast like Brahmaji, Praveen, Kashi Vishwanath, Posani and Mahat did ample justice for their roles.

Eminences :

  1. Rajasekhar’s Cinematography. A good camera work always helps a thriller and it became true in this film’s aspect too. Thanks to Rajasekhar.
  2. M.R.Verma’s Editing. Though every frame resembles “Neram”, Verma should be appreciated for his editing work and ending the film in 109 minutes.
  3. Production Values. Digital cinema did a favour by cutting the camera expenses which helped small budgeted films look rich. Producers Kishore, Sudhakar and Ajay employed ample production values for this film.

Lowlands :

  1. Performances. Apart from Bobby and Brahmaji, no character will be remembered once audience steps out of auditorium.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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