Tuntari (2016)

Present day Tollywood is a “success” driven rather than a “Talent” driven film industry. Success is very important for a director as well as an actor. Especially, a single failure decides the fate of a particular director. Our stars give a lot of thought in giving a chance to a director who had that “single” failure. But there exist some stars who stay far away from this trend. “Nara Rohith” is one among such limited set of stars. He gave chance to “Kumar Nagendra” who was noted with his “Gundello Godaari” and “Joru”. Both of them came up with “Tuntari” this year which is an official remake of super hit Tamil film “Maan Karate”. While Latha Hegde played the female lead, “Ashok Baba” and “Nagarjun” produced this film under “Sri Keerthi Films” production house.

Plot :

Due to a saint’s boon, friends Kishore (Vennela Kishore), Anand (Anand), Sudharshan (Sudharshan), Poojitha (Poojitha) and Kalki (Kalki) get to know the things that happen after four months. As a part of it, they know a guy Raju (Nara Rohith) wins a boxing competition and helps them in crossing their lives’ hurdles. Rest story is all about how they let Raju compete in the competition.

Narration :

 I didn’t watch “Maan Karate” to watch this film. But the writer “Murugadoss” should be appreciated for coming up with a story that says to rely on hard work rather than on destiny. It’s heard that “Tuntari” was made by making some changes to the original plot. So, this is the review on “Tuntari” by Kumar Nagendra.

Good Things…

The beginning scene of the narration was very interesting for the trailer that was shown before the release. Besides director Kumaar, cinematographer “Palani Kumar” and music director “Sai Kartheek” should be appreciated for the good outcome. Despite regular kind of narration, director impressed again with the song “Diamond Girl” in the first half. I liked the art direction of “Murali Kondeti” in this song where he used apt amount of Blue, Yellow and Red colors. The intermission scene was felt a good twist in the film and raised the interest to watch second half.

Apart from these things, some scenes of the first half and Muhammad Ali (Ali) character in the second half entertained a bit.

Disappointing Things…

It was heard, writer Murugadoss suggested to have a stronger love track in “Tuntari” than “Maan Karate”. But director Kumaar didn’t go for it. If Raju decided to bet his life for love then that so called love should be much stronger. Instead of showing a strong and sensible love track between Raju and Siri (Latha Hegde), director opted for comedy even in the love track. The scene where Raju tries to confess the truth showed the immaturity in Siri’s character with her reply.

Though this film has an ideal runtime of 124 minutes, it felt longer due to slow paced narration in the second half. Two duets placed unnecessarily here is also one of the reasons. Instead there should have been a single duet between the lead pair and an inspirational song for Raju practising boxing. Even the boxing sequence in the climax appeared dragged.


So, with some entertainment and a couple of well executed scenes, “Tuntari” remained an average film.

Performances :

Nara Rohith had an improved comedy timing with this film. But a hero should be slim in these kinds of comedy plots. He should concentrate on getting slim. Latha Hegde’s character had importance in the plot but she didn’t get a chance to portray her skill. Vennela Kishore, Anand, Sudharshan, Poojitha and Kalki were important for the story and they were good. Kabir Duhan was apt as an arrogant boxer and antagonist. Ali and Shakalaka Shankar entertained a bit.

Eminences :

  1. Plot. Murugadoss’s plot was good which says to rely on hard work rather than on destiny.
  2. Palani Kumar’s Cinematography. All the visuals were rich and colourful throughout  the film.
  3. Sai Kartheek’s Music. Despite average songs, Kartheek supported the film with an apt background score.
  4. Murali Kondeti’s Art Direction. Not only in the song “Diamond Girl”, entire film’s art direction was authentic.
  5. Production Values. Producers Ashok Baba and Nagarjun didn’t compromise in the film’s quality even within a limited budget.

Lowlands :

  1. Slow Narration. Though the runtime is 124 minutes, narration appeared sluggish and should have been trimmed a bit.
  2. Ineffective Love Track. Raju’s effort ended unrecognisable due to ineffective love thread executed in this film.

– Yashwanth Aluru

Click here for Telugu version of this Review…

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