Shourya (2016)

With his “Santosham”, “Swagatham”, “Mr. Perfect”, “Greekuveerudu”, director “Dasaradh” gained a family entertaining director image but “Shourya” is one such film that proved his mettle in narrating a thriller. Starring Manchu Manoj and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles, this film was produced by “Malkapuram Shivakumar”.

Plot :

Shourya (Manoj) gets arrested by police under the crime of murdering his lover Nethra (Regina). What happens next and what is the truth behind it form the plot.

Narration :

“Behind every incident there exist three kinds of stories. First one being the people’s version, second one being the accused’s version and the third one being the truth”. This film’s plot was written based on this point. Another internal plot point “Honour Killings” was adapted in Radhamohan’s “Gauravam” yet this film’s screenplay was tighter when compared to former. Though there lies a twist for every 10 minutes, nothing appeared exaggerated. Dasaradh should be given half credit at this point.

This is a romantic thriller which means a love story should be narrated amidst thrilling elements. It appeared director concentrated more on the thrill track in order to get rid of his image. Maybe that’s why the love track between the lead pair was ineffective. Prabhas Sreenu tried to entertain a bit in the first half. Prakash Raj’s character was introduced in a different way. Opting a non-linear narration, director succeeded in thrilling his audience with a good point by the intermission time. By this point, he should be given some more credit points.

Brahmanandam’s character introduced in the second half was a mere waste and it also failed to entertain. Director should’ve opted for another actor in this place and given a serious narration yet he was clever enough to cut it in a less time. A duet between the lead pair was shot well meanwhile.

Dasaradh came up with another interesting point in the second half. Narrating another view for the year old Delhi Zoo incident where a man fell into tiger’s bone and relating it to his screenplay was very brilliant. I want to discuss about it in detail but refraining myself for those who haven’t watched this film. Manoj’s performance was also a reason for this scene coming out so well. At this point, the director should be given the entire credit.

On the whole, “Shourya” is an honest attempt by director Dasaradh. I didn’t discuss much about this film as it is a thriller. Know about it watching in your nearest theatres. 🙂

Performances :

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t an ardent fan for Manoj’s performance any time. I used to feel uncomfortable watching him over energized on screen and imitating Mohan Babu often. But for this film, his performance became the backbone. There was neither mischief nor any imitation. Rather, he performed very decent and subtle which made me adore him. I liked his performance in one of the court scenes where he appeared as if he cried really. I felt, after “Vedam”, this is the best performance of Manoj. Director Dasaradh should be thanked for it.

Regina got a chance to act with this film. Prakash Raj was introduced in a different way but his performance had nothing to do besides the narration. Others like Nagineedu, Subbaraju, Sudha, Sayaji Shinde, Nandu, Sudhakara Naidu did their parts. Prabhas Sreenu entertained a bit while Brahmanandam, Venu and Siva Reddy failed to tickle.

Overall Eminences :

  1. Plot and Narration. The way director justified his basic plot points was very impressive. Along with him, “Gopi Mohan” was another to be given a credit.
  2. Manoj’s Performance. As said, he is the backbone of this film besides narration.
  3. Runtime. As it is the time for audience being lazy to watch a film more than two and half hours, this film had an ideal runtime of 122 minutes.
  4. Vedha’s Background Score. He supported this thriller well with his background score.

Lowlands :

  1. Unnecessary comedy track of Brahmanandam.
  2. Ineffective love track between the lead pair.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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