Kalyana Vaibhogame (2016)

In present day film industry, a “single” flop is effecting the director’s career a lot. He/she has to strive a lot to get rid of that effect. “Nandini Reddy” is one of such directors. So, she came up with “Kalyana Vaibhogame” this year starring Naga Shourya and Malavika Nair in the lead roles. K.L.Damodar Prasad produced it under his “Sri Ranjith Movies” production house.

Plot :

Two youngsters Shourya (Naga Shourya) and Divya (Malavika), who don’t believe in the culture of “marriage” get married due to their parents’ compulsion but with a plan. What’s that plan and how it changed their lives form the plot.

Narration :

There were lots of films with these kinds of plots yet director Nandini Reddy tried to narrate this plot in her own style.

Good Things…

Firstly, Nandini should be appreciated for the characterizations in this film. Many characters like the marriage broker played by Pragathi and hero’s father played by Raj Madiraju had Nandini’s signature on them. Being a lady director became an advantage in portraying some female emotions well on the screen. Divya who wants to be independent agrees to whatever her father wishes and Rashi’s character who stops dancing immediately looking at her husband’s face are the best examples.

As, “marriage” is the heart of this film, some scenes that explained its importance were executed well with meaningful dialogues. The scene where Raj Madiraju explains the bad situation of present day marriage celebrations, the scene of Anand (heroine’s father) in the pre-climax and the scene where it said “marriage means a good friendship rather than a responsibility” were good examples.

Songs really supported this film’s narration well. The song “Shatamanam Bhavathi” in the first half which showed the entire marriage sequence was not only melodious to hear but also attracted with its visuals. If you don’t claim this an exaggeration, I felt this song was nearer to the marriage song of “Murari”. Especially, I liked the shot where the couple was shown justifying the song’s lyric “Artha nareeswaram”. Also, the montage song “Chirunavvule” and the dreamy song “Manasantha Meghamai” were shot very well.

The alliances seen by Shourya and Divya in the first half were funny and the scenes that included ‘Gemini’ Suresh were also funny.

Disappointing Things…

Due to the older storyline, there is no much liberty to have a new style of narration. Still, Nandini strived to do something new and that effort became the loophole in the narration. Firstly, this plot requires a straight narration rather than opening it with a flashback. Apart from the songs, the first half was felt bored. Though the second half was predictable it wasn’t felt bored due to the performances of the lead pair but Nandini didn’t stop there. At the point where Divya’s father takes her away or at the point where the divorce are granted, she should have ended the film but she didn’t. If there was a lawyer who can reveal the truth using some social network and TV channel mess wasn’t necessary. When “Alaa Modalaindi” was getting weaker, “Thagubothu Ramesh” and “Aasish Vidhyarthi” strengthened it whereas for this film, their characters weakened the strong narration. Uninteresting scenes just added another 20 minutes and made this film run for 157 minutes. In fact, a narration of below 130 minutes was enough for this film. Despite predictable narration, ending the film at the right time wouldn’t have made the audience irritated. Nandini should’ve given a thought on this.


Thus “Kalyana Vaibhogame” started in the normal way, grew rich and ended up being poor. But it can be watched once for the songs and their visuals.

Performances :

Naga Shourya is the backbone of this film. He got a lot of maturity in acting, especially in the scene where he manages heroine’s parents in the second half. Malavika suited the role well and performed it well. Rashi whose character didn’t have much dialogues, did everything with her eyes. Her performance in the scene where her husband serves her food was very touching. Remaining cast like Aishwarya, Raj Madiraju, Aanand, Pragathi, Hemanth, Pearl Maane, Gemini Suresh were good for their roles. Thagubothu Ramesh and Aasish Vidhyarthi were patience testers.

Eminences :

  1. Kalyan Koduri’s Music. The songs “Shathamanam Bhavathi” and “Manase Meghamai” were composed very well. The background score was also apt for the narration.
  2. Songs Visualization. Besides above two songs, the montage song “Chirunavvule” was shot well.
  3. Lakshmi Bhoopal’s Dialogues. The dialogues that explained the importance of marriage were written well.
  4. G.V.S. Raju’s Cinematography. All the songs were well captured in the camera.
  5. Production Values. The film was shot in good locations for which producer Damodar Prasad should be appreciated.

Lowlands :

  1. Narration. Unnecessary things included in the screenplay made it slow and ineffective.
  2. Runtime. As said, this film doesn’t require a runtime of 157 minutes. It could have been completed within 130 minutes.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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