Guntur Talkies (2016)

A story can be narrated in different ways by different narrators like how Ramayan was narrated by different authors. The films are also same. Same story can be narrated by different directors in their own style of narration. “Praveen Sattaru” is a director who can narrate a story in a different way from other directors. His previous works “LBW”, “Routine Love Story” and “Chandamama Kathalu” are the examples. He came up with “Guntur Talkies” this year starring Naresh, Siddhu Jonnalagadda, Shraddha Das and Rashmi Gautham in the main roles. “Raaj Kumar” produced it under his production house “R. K. Studios”.

Plot :

Giri (Naresh) and Hari (Siddhu) are two small scale thieves in the town of Guntur. One day they steal some amount of money from a house. How does that theft changed their lives form the rest plot.

Narration :

Praveen Sattaru who came up with soft narration for “Chandamama Kathalu” came up with a raw and rough narration for his “Guntur Talkies”. It was astonishing as well as exciting on watching its trailer. Let’s analyse good and bad things of this film.

Good Things…

Though opted for a crime comedy genre, Praveen kicked off the narration in his own style. The way he portrayed the lead characters Giri and Hari in the first half reminded of “Vishal Bharadwaj”. Instead of introducing them at once with some voice over, he did it slowly showing their daily lives yet in a straight way. Establishing Hari’s character who always gets burned with lust was good. Establishing Giri’s character was in the next level to that of Hari. Some scenes were really very much creative regarding this character. For example,

  1. The way Giri tries to stop his wife “Roja Rani” from eloping with the textile owner “Sundaram”.
  2. Being alone without a wife, Giri has lost experiencing the sexual pleasure and gets jealous on knowing that Hari experiences that pleasure daily. To curb his desperation, he goes into the bathroom and starts reading a sexual scene in a magazine’s story. Meanwhile his mother (Pavala Shyamala) interrupts him and he gets more desperate to complete the story but fails at last.

These two scenes were executed damn well with the help of good lead scenes and Naresh’s stupendous performance. The director gave a raw narration for most of the scenes in this film which may not be accepted by everyone. But they were the apt scenes for the characters of this film. For films like “Kumari 21F”, Censor Board gave “A” certificate yet trimmed a lot of scenes and muted some dialogues. But giving “A” to this film, most of the dialogues were not muted which is a good change. In fact, it can be said this is the perfect adult rated film.

Disappointing Things…

All the good things got completed with the first half. The unique first half’s narration turned into a regular crime comedy which was shown from “Swami Ra Ra” to recent “Bhale Manchi Roju”, in the second half. It was very disappointing when talented directors like Praveen followed the boring trend. Introducing a lot of characters, creating a common conflict for them, confusing the artists on the screen and the audience watching the screen was too trendy for these crime comedies. Non linear narration at some places appeared as if it was forcibly put.

I said raw narration was apt for this film but it suited for all the characters which had a proper goal except for Revolver Rani (Shraddha). This character has no goal other than having sexual pleasure with Hari. Using Giri and having the same pleasure with him, in order to have it with Hari might have satisfied Giri but it created a cheap opinion on this character. Maybe these kinds of characters take birth if creativity crosses the boundary in directors.


“Guntur Talkies” is for those adults who enjoy every film without any limitations. If you are a fan of sensitive stories like “Chandamama Kathalu” and want to watch this film for director then read this review once or twice carefully and decide.

Performances :

Naresh is the heart of this film. This is the best character he got in recent times and above mentioned two scenes would be nothing if Naresh was not cast for this film. Siddhu got a lot of maturity for the role of Hari. If any Telugu film heroine claims that a particular film gave a boost for her filmy career and becomes a milestone then it can be believed blindly that she has got nothing to do in that film. Rashmi and Shraddha were examples in this film. Mahesh Manjrekar did a nice “A” rated role. His modulation in his own dubbing suited the role aptly. Raghubabu, Raja Ravindra, Thagubothu Ramesh, Fish Venkat, Snigdha, Jogi Naidu, Ravi Prakash appeared in regular crime comedy roles. Manchu Lakshmi and Chaitanya Krishna did guest roles. Directors should be appreciated for supporting “Pavala Shyamala” by giving roles. This weekend’s films “Guntur Talkies” and “Kalyana Vaibhogame” had Shyamala in them.

Overall Eminences :

  1. Characterization of Leads. It depicted director’s unique style in establishing the roles of Giri and Hari.
  2. Performances. Both Naresh and Siddhu did complete justice to their roles.
  3. First Half’s Narration. Very unique in the style of Bollywood.
  4. Ram Reddy’s Cinematography. All the places of narration were captured well in the camera.
  5. Art Direction. Houses of Giri and Hari and other places were designed well suiting the narration. I forgot to note the art director’s name. If you know his name, please comment below. He definitely deserves a special mention.
  6. Production Values. Trusting director and art director, producer Raaj Kumar employed apt production values.

Lowlands :

  1. Routine and boring Second Half.
  2. Revolver Rani character played by Shraddha Das.
  3. Forcibly employed non linear narration.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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