Terror (2016)

Terror Feature

The film industry’s terminology of “Small Films” and “Big Films” are becoming a curse for some films these days. If there is no big production house, reputed director and a successful hero for a film then such film strives hard even for release in theaters. One such film is “Terror”. Starring Srikanth and Nikhitha in lead roles, this film is directed by “Satish Kasetty” who got reputation with Swathi’s “Kalavaramaaye Madilo”. Shaik Mastan produced it under his “Akhand Bharath Creations” production house.

Plot :

A sincere yet politically suppressed cop Vijay (Srikanth) decides to stop a terrorist attack in the city, no matter what comes in his way. How he does that forms the plot of this film.

Narration :

So many films were shot based on terrorists’ attack and if there comes any new film on the same plot then its narration should be very gripping. Writer-Director Satish succeeded in it completely. The plot that takes in 13 days before a terror attack was narrated by Satish in a commercial without opting any unnecessary commercial elements.

There are lots of attracting elements in this film. The way of projecting other languages’ characters using subtitles is generally followed in Hollywood films but not in Telugu films. I tried to catch the director if any such character speaks Telugu in between but Satish didn’t let me catch him. The way he explained about the mentality of a cop who gets suppressed by different categories of people was very natural. It is not seen in any contemporary cop story. The director didn’t let me think of any other thing while watching this film. Meanwhile, I didn’t recognize that there were no songs in the film. If there would be an immature director then he would have opted for an item song while the protagonist rides on the MLA club. Narrating what has to be narrated without going for any such unnecessary element showed director’s maturity and clarity in handling his subject. The director was successful in creating a good suspense among his audience in the second half, especially in the climax sequence. I liked the way Vijay takes decision on defusing the bombs in the climax.

There are some things that were unsatisfactory. I felt the family thread of Vijay was not up to the mark and didn’t serve the narration in any way apart from establishing Vijay’s character. Yet the scene where his father asks how much bribe Vijay has given to get his work done was good. Also, the ending scene with home minister (Kota Srinivasa Rao) and Ravi (Prithvi Raj) entertained well due to their performances but was not useful for the narration. These are just my opinions but other audiences’ opinion may differ from me.

On the whole, “Terror” is a decent thriller that requires more theaters and more set of audiences. I recommend this film to all movie lovers.

Performances :

This film is a one man show of Srikanth. His experience was very much useful for this film. Nikitha didn’t get much useful role. Kota and Prithvi Raj entertained well with their offered roles. Nasser, Sudha, Ravi Varma and the other cast were fine.

Overall Eminences :

  1. Screenplay & Direction. Though the basic plot is an older one, treatment was very new with engaging screenplay and good direction. This made Terror a decent thriller.
  2. Shyam Prasad’s Cinematography. The way this guy employed lighting for this film was superb. Even the coloring and other DI works were stupendous.
  3. Sai Kartheek’s Background Score. For a thriller, a good background score makes a lot of difference. Kartheek was successful in making that difference. I liked the background score that comes in the scenes between Vijay and his father.
  4. Production Values. Debut producer Shaik Masthan seemed to be a producer with a good movie taste.

Lowland(s) :

  1. Format says Lowland but I say it’s my opinion. I felt the family thread was unnecessary for this film.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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