Kshanam (2016)

The debut film is very important for a director because these days it’s the one that decides his fate and judges whether he can continue in the industry further. That’s why most of the debut directors are opting for formula based films these days. “Ravikantha Perepu” opted for a “proper” thriller as his debut film, named “Kshanam”. It starred Adivi Sesh, Adah Sharma, Anasuya Bharadwaj in the main roles. PVP Cinema and Matinee Entertainment produced this film and got released on 26th February.

Plot :

To find her daughter Riya (Baby Dolly), Shwetha (Adah Sharma) seeks the help of her ex-boyfriend Rishi (Adivi Sesh) who lives in San Francisco. The rest plot is about how Rishi tries to find the girl by coming to India.

Narration – Direction :

In the introduction paragraph, I used the term “proper” because for a thriller, basic plot can be anything but the way of taking the audience to that point makes everything. The narration should not be in a predictable manner. Then only it becomes a “proper” thriller. To ensure this, director Ravikanth had strived a lot with writer Adivi Sesh which is highly appreciable.

Coming to good things, director created a lot of curiosity in the narration by introducing some characters and employing some twists in the tale. Though there lies a love story embedded, it didn’t appear bored. As there lies a strong connection between the love track and the original thriller track, director’s choice of opting for non-linear narration was a right choice. For such kind of narration, Ravikanth excelled in editing the scenes along with “Arjun Shastri”. I liked the way he left Rishi and his audience in a confusing state by the intermission time. There is one more good thing about this film. No character appeared wasted in the screenplay. Each has its own value and each got introduced at the right place and ended at the right time. This is writer’s victory. Run time of 120 minutes was an added attraction.

When talked about other things, I felt the basic point chosen was not much effective though the travel to that point was stupendous. One can think that there lies something behind Jaya (Anasuya) taking pills often. But leaving that without using was disappointing. Instead, it would be good if the basic point was woven around it. Also, there lied to chance for Chowdary (Satyam Rajesh) to question for the truth (Not revealing the point here, as there lies the thrilling point). This was another unconvincing point, I felt. In addition, deeds of Karthik (Satyadev) were unconvincing at times.

On the whole, Kshanam is a very good thriller and one can feel the “Thrill” feeling on watching it.

Performances :

Adivi Sesh was absolutely apt as an NRI, Rishi. His performance in the climax scene was appreciable. Adah Sharma and Anasuya were apt for their roles. A special mention needed for Satyam Rajesh. In general, he is used for comedy tracks but director Ravikanth used him for a serious character. The way he suited it was astonishing with the proper body language of a police officer. The dialogue “Reddy! Rasuko!” was entertaining and realistic. While Ravi Varma and Satyadev were OK, Vennela Kishore got a different role “Babu Khan” where he could portray seriousness as wells as entertainment. I liked his performance in the scene where he indulges Ravi Varma before an African criminal.

Overall Eminences :

  1. Story, Screenplay & Direction. Though there were some unconvincing points, writer Adivi Sesh and director Ravikanth’s work in designing this decent thriller was highly appreciable.
  2. Editing. Arjun Shastri and Ravikanth excelled in blending the love track and thrilling track well.
  3. Shaneil Deo’s Cinematography. The lighting he used for the film was stupendous. I haven’t been to Vizag till now but seeing it through his lens made me curious to visit it once.
  4. Abburi Ravi’s Dialogues. All the dialogues suited the narration well and some were good.
  5. Sricharan Pakala’s Music. Though songs were average, Sricharan excelled in the background score, which is very important for a thriller. Especially, I liked the violin BGM in the ending scene.
  6. Production Values. PVP Cinema and Matinee Entertainment made this film in a limited budget of 1 Crore yet they strived hard in making it appear rich.

Lowland(s) :

  1. Some unconvincing points in the narration.

– Yashwanth Aluru

Click here for Telugu version of this Review.

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