Malupu (2016)

Everyone watched a person committing a sin. Later, another sin was committed without the indulgence of that person which was watched by no one and had severe consequences. Now, everyone pretended the first person as the main culprit and started bullying him. Now he has to prove that he is not the actual culprit. This is the foundation point for the film “Malupu”. Starring Aadhi Pinisetty and Nikki Galrani in the lead roles, this film was directed by Aadhi’s brother “Satya Prabhas Pinisetty” and was produced by Aadhi’s father and renowned director “Ravi Raja Pinisetty” under “Adarsh Chitralaya” production house.

Plot :

Satheesh Ganapathi alias SaGa (Aadhi) is a middle class guy who has three friends and a lover (Nikki Galrani). A misdeed of the friends on the night of a 31st December lets SaGa meet Mudaliyar (Mithun Chakraborthi), a don in Mumbai. What was that misdeed and how it changed SaGa’s life form the story.

Narration :

In general, a thriller runs on a single point with the narration reaching it after travelling somewhere but “Malupu” is a blend of many such points. Each point had a reason and a character that takes the audience to it. It appeared new but don’t know whether it’s good to have such a clumsy story. Still, director Satya Prabhas did a good script work. So, he should be appreciated for a good paperwork.

By giving a brief introduction of all the main points at the inception, director changed the way of narration completely into a love track. Here, Nikki’s character appeared to have prominence but it lost with the time. Also, the love track of the lead pair was not satisfactory. So many characters were introduced in the first half and every character appeared to have its own prominence. One of the main characters, Mudaliyar got introduced at the intermission time but it remained heard till then. There were lots of scenes that had pure Tamil essence in them, in the first half.

I liked the way director used one of the characters which is saved by SaGa unknowingly, to save SaGa later.

First half was successful in creating a suspense among audience but that made the second half too heavy to handle for the director. I felt, he failed to present what he had written on the screen, properly on the screen. Due to lots of twists, he had to slow down the narration’s pace and some were in such a way that audience could never imagine such silly things as twists. But the narration the main incident on 31st night and linking it to different characters was excellent. Later, the narration became clumsy and immature at times, especially clubbing Thrill and Emotion in the same climax sequence.

Anyway, director has conveyed his basic point “తప్పు మేం చెయ్యలేదని ప్రూవ్ చెయ్యలేని పరిస్థితి మాది… అది మేము వివరించినా నమ్మలేని పరిస్థితి మీది” through his film and made it watchable for its paperwork.

Performances :

Aadhi played SaGa character so easily. Nikki appeared to have prominence at the beginning but lost it later. She was good within her boundaries. Mithun Chakraborthi was apt as Mudaliyar. Nasser, Pashupathi, Pragathi, Harish Uttaman and the guys who played SaGa’s friends did justice to their roles. After a long time, I’ve seen “Nuvve Kaavali” fame Richa Pallod on screen, in a prominent role.

Overall Eminences :

  1. Basic Point. As said, the basic point and the script work done around it was good.
  2. Shanmuga Sundaram’s Cinematography. A thriller always needs a good cinematography in which Sundaram succeeded.
  3. Production Values. Producer Ravi Raja didn’t compromise in making his sons’ film appear rich.

Lowlands :

  1. Presentation. It appeared, scrip work was done good but presentation was lost due to director’s lack of experience.
  2. Songs. These kinds of thriller plots do not need many songs but there were songs placed unnecessarily.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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