Nannaku Prematho (2016)

Story, Screenplay, Stars, Songs and Fights are common for every film. Among these, “screenplay” is one thing that separates a “Sukumar’s” film from a regular film. The star who was stuck in a commercial wheel all the time is NTR. So, Sukumar pulled him out of it completely with his “Nannaku Prematho”. Starring Rakul Preet Singh as female lead, Jagapathi Babu as antagonist, this film was produced by BVSN Prasad under his SVCC production house.

Plot :

Abhiram (NTR) wants to fulfil his father Subramanyam’s (Rajendra Prasad) last wish of collapsing Krishna Murthy (Jagapathi Babu) and his empire. This plot deals with how Abhi made it possible.

Narration :

If talked about just the storyline, this would become an ordinary film. As there is Sukumar’s narration behind, there would be some extraordinary things among which some are acceptable and some are unacceptable.


Creativity…! First thing that introduces Sukumar’s creativity is “Titles”. He creates an interest to watch his film with creative titles. The way he puts the titles also has a strong relationship with the film’s plot. Remember “Aarya2” where titles are put on a diary or “100% Love” where they are put on an examination paper. In this film, he used the locations where the entire narration of the film happens. Sukumar takes a word and gives it an extreme importance in his narration and also explains its importance in the life. So, here we have “Emotion” which establishes Abhiram’s character as soon as he is introduced. He brilliantly used the concept of “Butterfly Effect” in this film.

Characters…! Who can imagine watching a mass star like NTR in a Sherlock Holmes kind of role? Sukumar made it possible. All the scenes involving Abhiram and Divyanka (Rakul) seemed to be inspired from Sherlock stories. But Sukumar dealt them convincingly. Take the scene where Abhi saves Divya from kidnappers as an example. In general, we don’t respect antagonist as we respect protagonist in our films. Sukumar went far away to this trend and respected his antagonist through his protagonist hence creating that respect in audience too. A senior like Jagapathi Babu got a good eminence with this. Sukumar bears a criticism that his protagonists are a kind of psychopaths but only less people recognize that there lies a sincerity in them. Moving away from this, he projected his Abhiram character as a good guy from the beginning.

Emotions…! It feels good to watch some things happening on screen which happen rarely in the real life. One such thing is children’s affection towards parents. Sukumar had two characters played by Rajeev and NTR to convey this. One doesn’t realize the struggle of his father until he struggled as a father while one strives a lot to have his father utter a single word to him. So, Sukumar portrayed how the society is and how it should be through these characters. This made the film’s climax more emotional which was eminently increased by the song “Nannaku Prematho” soulfully written and sung by Devi as a tribute to his deceased father.


In a recent interview, NTR said about Sukumar’s principle of doing anything extremely. When comes to cinema, over dosage of some things trouble a lot. Sukumar did the same thing in this film with “Emotion” like what he did with “Feel My Love” in “Arya” and “Maturity” in “Kumari 21F”. Also the sequence which was named LEAD was a kind of boring stuff for me, followed by the song “Love Dhebba” which is unnecessary for the narration but had a good choreography.

I expected and missed something in this film. We knew Krishna Murthy deceived Subramanyam but there should have been some flash cuts of how he deceived him in Abhiram’s perception while reading his father’s diary. It should have increased some intensity in this film.

Nannaku Prematho…

On the whole, Nannaku Prematho is a film that has love, revenge, creativity and intelligence employed by Sukumar. If you are an ardent follower of Sherlock then definitely this film grabs your interest. If not, you should employ your brain to understand some things like how Krishna Murthy expects and plays a game with people. Anyway, this film is a good start in this festival season.

Performances :

NTR got introduced again to Tollywood with his film. It’s a 180 degree turn around film for him where he came up with a stylish, intelligent and a subtle performance. I can say this 25th film of him is a milestone in his journey. Though Rakul didn’t get a chance to act from the beginning, she got a little chance in the middle. Jagapathi Babu is one more attraction of this film. This is the most respectable antagonist role he played after his transformation from hero to villain. Rajendra Prasad was a right choice for father’s role but his screen presence should have been increased. Rajeev Kanakala, Madhubala, Ramesh and Naveen are fine for their roles. There is no use with Avasarala Srinivas’s role who records every moment in his iPad.

More Eminences :

  1. Cinematography. Main cinematographer Vijay Chakravarthy and additional cinematographer Amol Rathod were highly successful in making this film a visual treat. Next to Sukumar, their work is highly appreciable in this film.
  2. Devi Sri Prasad’s Music. Songs were good but Devi excelled with background score. I loved the violin score that comes when Abhiram meets Krishna Murthy for the first time.
  3. Peter Hein’s Action Sequences. There was no bloodshed which NTR’s most of the films lacked and all the fights were logical that suit the intelligence of Abhiram’s character.
  4. Production Values. BVSN Prasad’s production values was the only reason for this film having a Hollywood experience.

Lowlands :

  1. Too many deductions. Using “Emotions” Sukumar did a lot of deductions which was felt overdose at a point.
  2. Slow narration in the second half. This made this film run for 168 minutes.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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  1. ee okka review chalu… ee website reviews quality cheppadaniki… giving a thubsup to a silly bakwaas movie… never going to visit this site again


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