Abbayitho Ammayi (2016)

Abbayi Tho Ammayi is the latest movie from director Ramesh Varma and stars Naga Shourya as Abhi and Palak Lalwani as Prardhana who meets virtually in facebook as Pawan Kalyan and Samantha, shares everything except personal details. Abhi falls in love with Prardhana and he plays a plot to make sure that Prardhana also loves him. One fine day when Prardhana met with problem asks Abhi to come and meet her personally by breaking the rule they put by themselves to not meet personally and share details. And the rest story is about what is the problem and what happens there after. Abbayi Tho Ammayi is a disastrous piece of garbage that fails in its attempt to convey a message.

While this is a typical “Romantic Drama” Ramesh Varma movie, it is equally as bad. As writer and director , the blame must go on Ramesh for what the movie is. The dialogues that spoken is mind boggling how awful and unrealistic it is. Also, like many awful romantic drama films, common sense is thrown straight out the window from the second this movie begins.

Naga Shourya tries his best with the material that he had but it is very clear that he isn’t the problem with the movie. Palak Lalwani was actually good in the film. It took some real talent to convincingly pull off innocent. Don’t know why Mohan (Mouna Ragam Fame) opted this character for his comeback in telugu. Tulasi did well and dialogues of her character makes impact. As usual Rao Ramesh did his routine heroine father job. Rest all did their job well.

Sam.K.Naidu photography is good, but should have taken more care while framing of few shots of heroine in songs. Maestro Ilayaraja songs and score are good to some extent. Editor S.R.Sekkhar should have deleted few unwanted scenes and climax song at his table, rest of his work is good.

While Abbayi Tho Ammayi has many flaws, I must say that I enjoyed watching few scenes in post interval. It is unfortunate that the movie is so terrible especially since the idea behind it seemed very interesting. Also, the ending of the film is so dumb that it hurts. Ramesh decided to not to go 100% on it which is strange because the whole movie he at least tried. Yeah, screw this movie. Sure, it will be free on YouTube, but you’ll be demanding a refund, even though it’s free.

My Rating : 2/5 Stars

Genre: Drama, Romance

Duration: 145:00 Minutes

Production: J G Cinemas – Kiran Studios – Blooming Stars Motion Pictures – Mohana Roopa Films,

Cast: Naga Shourya, Palak Lalwani, Mohan, Tulasi, Rao Ramesh, Pragathi etc.,

Director: Ramesh Varma

Screenwriter: Ramesh Varma

Producers: Vandana Alekya Jakkam – Kireeti Potini – Sreenivas Sammeta

Director of photography: Sam.K.Naidu

Editor: S.R.Sekkhar

Music: Maestro Ilayaraja

In Theaters from 01-01-2016 onwards

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