Jatha Kalisey (2015)

Some films come all of a sudden without any expectations. Some films gets a false publicity that they’re good even before release. One such film in recent times is “Jatha Kalisey”. Starring Ashwin Babu and Tejaswi Madivaada in lead roles, this film introduced “Rakesh Shashi” as the director to the film industry.

Plot :

An entrepreneur Rushi (Ashwin) and Tejaswi (Tejaswi) have to travel together in a same car. They both had already a dispute before. What’s that dispute, how that journey changed their life journey form the rest story.

Narration :

It’s a complete contemporary film that concentrates on social networking and present generation youth.

Good things…

The way director has rolled the credits attracted me a lot which used Facebook chat window. It also reminded of Late “E.V.V.Satyanarayana” who used to have a variety credits for his films. Besides this, the song “Padipoyane” and some dialogues of Shakalaka Shankar were entertaining.

Worst Things…

This is not a good story even to discuss about. The narration was felt like a B-Graded one at some parts. The director couldn’t keep the respect he got for rolling a different style credits for longer time. Most of the narration was immature. For example, the cheap characterization of Rushi who owns a software company in USA and the scene where Rushi is threatened that he’d become crippled if he doesn’t worship God. If said that you’ll have good time if you worship God then that’s a meaningful context. Threatening that everything will happen bad to you if you don’t worship God in this film shows the immaturity levels of the director.

Nothing was good in the second half like Rushi taking revenge on Tejaswi, solving her problems. Besides the little entertainment from Shakalaka Shankar, there lies a horrible spoof made on “Srimanthudu” and “Gabbar Singh”. It was felt that Mahesh and Pawan shouldn’t have done those films so that we would’ve been saved from these stupid spoofs. It’s also not good for debut directors to depend on these spoofs rather than coming up with fresh entertainining episodes. It’s the fourth film that made a parody for “Srimanthudu” among the ones that were released this December.

Somehow, director ended this film at last and made it an absolutely forgettable one.

Coming to performances, Ashwin appeared to be imitating Pawan Kalyan in his body language. Tejaswi’s performance is not impressive. Snighdha and Shakalaka Shankar entertained a bit while Saptagiri and Vidyuraman tortured due to weakly characterized roles. There’s no one to talk about among  the four friends of Ashwin. Surya and Supriya were ok for their roles.

Eminences :

  1. Credits’ Display. This is the only eminence of this film.

Lowlands :

  1. Story, Screenplay & Direction. Debut director Rakesh Shashi had completely failed in these aspects.
  2. Poor Entertainment. No scene had tickled the funny bones.
  3. Worst Spoofs. No need to have an exaggerated introduction for the worst spoofs of “Srimanthudu” and “Gabbar Singh”.

Click here for Telugu version of this Review

– Yashwanth Aluru

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