Bhale Manchi Roju (2015)

Without a proper story and screenplay, especially in the month of December, film industry is letting the audience in a deep depression. Rather than the existing makers, debutants can get rid of this feeling as they come up with fresh thoughts. “Bhale Manchi Roju” is one film that gave this feeling to me. Starring Sudheer Babu and Wamikha Gabbi in the lead roles, this film introduced “Sriram Aditya” as a director to the industry. Vijay and Sasi produced it under 70mm entertainments production house.

Plot :

Ram (Sudheer) who wants to take revenge on the girl who dumped him and getting married to someone else, had to kidnap another girl Seetha (Wamikha). What’s the reason behind this, how Ram’s and Seetha’s life turned form the rest story.

Narration :

Sriram should be appreciated for this film’s story and screenplay.

Good things…

Writer-Director Sriram cleverly imposed locks at right places in his 24 hours running screenplay. He created an excitement to know what’s going to happen, in the first half. There are these things which I liked very much,

  1. Highlighting only the “yellow” colour in the scene where Ram tries to catch the thieves who steals his mobile. You should watch the film to know why he highlighted only “yellow” colour.
  2. The scene where Ram kidnaps Seetha. The way director has facilitated to let this happen was appreciable.
  3. Intermission scene. Director was successful in creating an excitement for audience regarding the second half.

Besides these, characters played by Sai Kumar, Praveen, Vidyuraman and so on, entertained a little in the first half. The director initiated the second half in a more interesting way. Comedian “Prithvi Raj” needs a special mention again for this film. He entertained well by imitating the popular police dialogues from all stars’ films.

Flip Side…

These kinds of screenplays are segregated into three parts by screen writing experts like “Syd Field” called “Acts”. First act contains “introductions”, Second Act contains “conflict” while Third Act contains “resolving” that conflict. Here in this film, the director successfully established the intensity of the conflict in his second act and he introduced the third act soon after he starts the second half. He didn’t even change the conflict’s journey. This made the narration very slow. Also, the characters like the ones played by Sai Kumar and Chaitanya Krishna have lost their impact. The song which intruded, disturbed the narration’s flow. These kinds of narrations require songs which travel being embedded with narration rather than the intruders. Besides poorly dealt Third Act, it seemed that director wanted to have a duet for the lead pair to convey their relationship.

There is one more scene at the end that disturbed the mood entirely. It’s the ending scene. It’s very hard to digest.

So, “Bhale Manchi Roju” took off with a promising narration and ended up being a clumsy film.

Coming to performances, Sudheer’s performance was ok. Wamikha’s character has a lot of importance in the plot but she didn’t get much scope to project her acting skills. Sai Kumar, Praveen, Vidyuraman, Paruchuri Gopala Krishna, Chaitanya Krishna and Posani contributed well. Aishwarya did an indigestible role which neither has prominence nor entertaining.

Eminences :

  1. Story, Screenplay & Direction. As said, this deserves a special mention for director Sriram’s tight screenplay, being a debut.
  2. Shyam Dutt’s Cinematography. He proved how a good photography helps these kinds of narrations.
  3. Ramakrishna’s Art Direction. Entire film happens in apt locations and Ramakrishna succeeded in designing those places.
  4. Production Values. Producers Vijay and Sashi had good production values for their venture.

Lowlands :

  1. Poorly dealt 3rd Act. A well dealt 3rd Act should’ve made the film more brilliant.
  2. Songs. Songs composed by Sunny M.R weren’t so good.
  3. Sound Recording. Sound and dialogue recording was very bad in the climax scene.


Click here for Telugu version of this Review

– Yashwanth Aluru

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