Soukhyam (2015)

Soukhyam is a film starring Gopichand and Regina Cassandra. Directed by “A. S. Ravikumar Chowdary”, written by Sreedhar Siphaana, Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan, music composed by Anup Rubens and produced by Anand Prasad under his Bhavya Creations production house.

Plot :

Srinivas (Gopichand) always rejects his father’s (Mukesh Rushi) proposal of getting him married due to his unforgettable love intereste Shailaja (Regina). How Srinivas and Shailaja fell in love, how they were separated and how they win their love form the story.

Narration :

Writers and directors coming up with same stories and screenplays is making us reviewers also write the same review. There is nothing great about this film. Still, there should be appreciation and criticism. So, I’m writing them. I’m not completely interested to write this review. You can read if you’re completely interested or free from your routine.


Telugu Cinema is growing a lot these days technically rather than story wise. Soukhyam is one such which is technically rich. A rich photography in scenic locations and good production values should be appreciated.


Director Ravikumar who cured all his blows with his “Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham” should’ve come up with more interesting film. But opting Sreedhar, Kona and Gopi as his writers made all the damage. I don’t know whether they used a monitor to check the scene that’s been shot and think that they’ve shot this in our previous films. Maybe, it’s an arrogance that audience watches whatever we present on the screen.

An intelligent hero, a beautiful heroine to win whose love hero does all crazy things, hero’s mind game to let the heroine free from villain’s control, for this he needs a joker, if heroine hugs him anywhere then comes a song, finally a fight sequence ends the film”.

Having these things as major points, I don’t know how many films are made. Sreenu Vaitla who is the creator of this trend is in trouble now, why writers and directors do not think for a second about what’ll be their position on traveling in the same route again? They just depend on comedy. If comes to Soukhyam, I can’t remember where I laughed. It’s not even a healthy and independent comedy. It’s just a worst parody of blockbuster films. It’s so overwhelming to watch P.R. character played by Rajan, who is capable of controlling the government change its mind with just a slap. Maybe, all film makers have wasted their time in letting their protagonists struggle a lot to win over the antagonists.

Anyway, like this film, my review may make you feel bored if I write more. So, I’m stopping here.

Coming to performances, Gopichand didn’t appear as if he is interested to do this film. If any heroine says “this film will be remembered forever in my career” then we can easily guess what role she has got in it to play. I’m giving you a chance to guess about Regina’s role in this film. We’ve Pradeep Rawat who is a mad antagonist, Posani who shouts unnecessarily, Prithvi Raj who just relies on parody, Brahmanandam who tortures if he doesn’t get a good character and Rajan who’s so inspiring. Mukesh Rushi did a father’s role rather than an antagonist.

Eminences :

  1. Prasad Murella’s Cinematography. It’s good.
  2. Production Values. Producer Anand Prasad had money in his pocket. He spent them.

Lowlands :

  1. Story & Screenplay. Worst.
  2. Kona’s Dialogues. They can be called as rhymes than dialogues.
  3. Ravikumar’s Direction. No comments.
  4. Comedy. It lets you cry rather than letting you laugh.

Click here for the Telugu version of this review

– Yashwanth Aluru

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