Size Zero (2015)

Every human has problems and every problem has certain intensity at a particular point of time in the life. One of the most serious problems that present generation people, especially girls face is “Obesity”. This causes a lot of problems and they keep a target called obtaining zero size. This target is targeted by the film “Size Zero”. Starring Anushka in the lead role, Arya, Sonal Chauhan and Prakash Raj in major roles, this film was directed by “Prakash Kovelamudi” who is familiar with his fantasy work “Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu”. Prakash’s wife Kanika Kovelamudi provided story and screenplay while Prasad V. Potluri produced it under his PVP Cinema production house.

Plot :

Soundarya a.k.a Sweety (Anushka) is an obese girl who believes in the quote “happiest girls are the prettiest girls”. After Abhi (Arya) enters her life, her ideology travels in a different direction. The rest story deals with what Sweety decided in her life, who is Simran (Sonal Chauhan) and whether Satyanand’s (Prakash Raj) “Size Zero” formula helped her.

Narration :

Firstly, the thing to be noted is, Kanika’s story focused on “Self-Confidence” in woman rather than their obesity. Her story targeted most of the girls who gets depressed by their obesity, especially when it comes to their marriage. Appending stuff like relating Sweety’s life with the weight showing tickets in railway stations and sending good messages through fortune cookies was good. So, first half was happier with these things. One more thing to be appreciated was, Kanika and Prakash have taken enough care for keeping up respect towards Sweety character. Though it was entertaining, no scene let the audience show disrespect towards it. In addition, Sweety’s mother played by veteran actress “Oorvasi” projected a normal middle class mother. Freezing the frames at different places while Sweety falls for Abhi was good though not much useful.

Such cool and entertaining narration got off the track in the second half completely. Till then Sweety was the lead, from then a new conflict over shaded Sweety and turned this film into the most common one. Yet the scene where Sweety’s grandfather (Gollapudi Maruthi Rao) giving an empty ticket and asking to decide her life as per her wish, were good. It justified the director’s selection of such veteran actors. The cameos done by several actors like Nagarjuna, Rana, Tamannah weren’t so effective. If this film aims at self-confidence and sportiveness in woman then Kanika and Prakash should’ve given a thought on what Sweety does at the end to escape her engagement.

On the whole, Size Zero delivers a message to live your life at your wish and being happy is what means being beautiful.

Coming to music, Keervani has given lighter songs but heavier background score that increased the scenes’ weight. “Mella Mellaga” song was good on the screen while “Innava Innava” was boring with its slow visualization.

When talked about performances, Anushka is the heart of the movie and she deserves a huge appreciation for playing a “weighty” role in Size Zero besides playing a mighty Devasena in Bahubali. It also shows her determination and passion towards films. Arya suited well for the role Abhi. It seemed he dubbed his own voice for Telugu version (I’m not sure though). Sonal Chauhan just turns the screenplay’s direction and no more useful. Satyanand’s character can be played by anyone. Maybe because of his intelligent appearance and his perfect diction of uttering Sri Sri’s poetic lines, director might have opted Prakash Raj. Yet he excelled in his character’s limited boundaries. Veteran actor Gollapudi Maruthi Rao got a respectable role. Brahmanandam and Ali failed to entertain. A special mention is needed for “Oorvasi”. She was so natural and energetic as Sweety’s mother. Her Tamil influenced dialogue delivery and her expressions were very entertaining. I liked her performance in the pre-climax part where she realizes her innocence before Sweety.

Eminences :

  1. Sweety’s Characterization. Sweety makes you like her, pity her but she doesn’t let you insult her or show a sort of disrespect towards her. This is the most appreciable aspect I found in this film. Kanika and Prakash should be appreciated for this.
  2. Oorvashi and Anushka’s Performances. These two actresses’ performances (especially Oorvasi) were so eminent.
  3. Nirav Shah’s Cinematography. Every frame in this film was very rich and beautiful for which Nirav Shah deserves a credit.
  4. Kiran’s Dialogues. Not more, not less. Kiran’s dialogues were enough dramatic for this film.
  5. Production Values. A small film was made bigger by PVP Cinema with its rich production values.

Lowlands :

  1. Screenplay. The biggest lowland is the weak screenplay which didn’t have a proper track to travel. Though it’s a film with 131 minutes of runtime, it was felt heavily dragged.
  2. Editing. Though editing department acts according to director’s wish, some sequences like “Innava Innava” song should’ve been trimmed.


A Telugu version of this Review can be found here.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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