Courier Boy Kalyan (2015)

Story and Screenplay constitute an equal importance for a film. Especially, for “Thriller” genre, Screenplay does more than Story. “Courier Boy Kalyan” is a film which failed to balance these elements well. Starring Nithin and Yami Gautham, this film introduced “Prem Sai” as a director. Prominent director “Gautham Vasudev Menon” produced this film.

Plot :

Kalyan (Nithin) likes Kavya (Yami Gautham) in her first sight and turns into a courier boy to impress her. One day he has to deliver a parcel which turns his life completely. The rest story deals with what’s so important in that parcel and how Kalyan dealt with it.

Narration :

The basic plot of this film is very small and we find these kinds of plots in Hollywood films mainly. As this is an Indian film, director Prem Sai added an emotional layer to it. So, he should be given a credit here.

Coming to narration, there’s nothing new to discuss in the first half. The director failed to impress with the scenes between the lead pair. Sapthagiri’s performance was a mere waste and tested the patience. There are only four songs in the movie out of which three got completed in the first half itself. No song had a proper situation yet their visualizations were good. I liked “Maya O Maya” and “Bangaramma” on screen. The former had a good cinematography while the latter had an impressive Art Direction.

Second half was better than that of first one. Here screenplay turned clear yet director disturbed it with an unnecessary song. Some thrilling elements were good with rich visuals in night backdrop scenes. Cinematographer Satya Ponmar did a great job in these scenes. Though it’s a thriller most of the scenes did not thrill the audience and the film ended as expected.

This film has a significance i.e., “Runtime”. It’s just 104 minutes which is an ideal and a rare runtime for a Telugu movie starring a hero like Nithin.

Coming to performances, Nithin was as usual whereas Yami didn’t get a notable role just like regular Telugu heroine. Remaining cast Nassar, Asutosh Rana, Ravi Prakash, Rajesh and all got regular roles. Deceased actress “Telangana Shakuntala” appeared in a small role.

Music by Karthik was good while Anup Rubens came up with his regular tune.

Eminences :

  1. Basic Plot. Despite poor narration, the basic plot of this film was good with an emotional layer to a thriller.
  2. Satya Ponmar’s Cinematography. All the visuals were rich and I liked the night backdrop shots.
  3. Runtime. 104 minutes is a very ideal runtime for a film.
  4. Production Values. This film was made in an ample budget by Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Lowlands :

  1. Narration/Screenplay. For a thriller, Screenplay should be more eminent but director didn’t concentrate on it much to make it stronger.
  2. Prawin Pudi’s Editing. Entire first half had incomplete scenes.
  3. Intruding Songs. No support needed from songs to these kinds of films yet there are four intruding songs.


A Telugu Version of this Review can be found here.

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