Bhale Bhale Magadivoy (2015)

Once acquired a bad reputation in film industry then it takes a lot of effort to get rid of it. But this was proved wrong in the case of director “Maruthi”. He earned a lot of bad reputation with this “Ee Rojullo” and “Bus Stop” movies due to their spicy narration and cheap characterizations. So, he came up with “Bhale Bhale Magaadivoy” starring Nani and Lavanya Tripathi to get rid of his older reputation. Bunny Vas produced it under the banner of “GA2 Productions”.

Plot :

An amnesiac person Lucky (Nani) falls in love with Nandana (Lavanya) without a notice that he had already encountered her father Pandu Ranga Rao (Murali Sharma) once. The rest story forms how he informed Nandana about his problem and how did he convince her father.

Narration :

This is a simple plot yet Maruthi came up with a healthy and commercial entertainment to narrate it. With the support of a performer like Nani, this film has gone to the next level. The director established Lucky’s character in the first 20 minutes well. Though the memory loss concept sounded exaggerated at some places of first half, Nani’s performance and timing covered and made it a negligible lowland.

I liked the songs “Motta Modatisari” and “Hello Hello” on screen. Cinematography by Nizar Shafi was very rich and the lighting was taken good care of, in these songs.

Introducing Vennela Kishore in the second half changed the way of screenplay. Though it followed the regular concept of “Mind Game”, it served an ample entertainment especially in the scenes where Vennela Kishore meets Murali Sharma and Ajay and where Kishore and Nani applies for a job under Murali Sharma. In the latter scene, performances of Nani and Kishore were stupendous. Nani came up with a natural performance in the pre-climax while Gopi Sunder supported it well with his background score.

Everything was good yet there was a trash in this movie in the form of “Ajay”. It is an unnecessary character which added a useless 30 minutes to the runtime. Though introduced as a serious antagonist, it didn’t do any help to the screenplay. Instead it could be narrated and ended in the way of “Vicky Donor”.

Coming to performances, Nani came up with his usual energetic and natural performance. Lavanya is apt for the role and Chinmayi’s dubbing deserves a good mention. Vennela Kishore got a healthy entertaining role after a long time. It’s very new to see actors like Murali Sharma in such kind of father roles yet he didn’t disappoint. Naresh and Sitara did justice to their roles while Bhadram was good.

Eminences :

  1. Screenplay & Direction. Narrating this movie without reminding of his previous films, deserve a big applause for Maruthi.
  2. Nani’s Performance. Introduced as “Natural Star”, Nani did complete justice to his character without whom this film would be an average one.
  3. Nizar Shafi’s Cinematography. All the visuals are very rich and enlightening.
  4. Gopi Sunder’s Music. The songs and background score by Gopi were good and he requires a huge encouragement in Telugu industry.
  5. Production Values. Under GA2 banner, Bunny Vas didn’t compromise in making the film appear rich, in scenic locations.

Lowlands :

  1. Action Sequence. This kind of story doesn’t need action sequences at all.
  2. Ajay’s Character. This was a complete trash in the film.


A Telugu version of this piece can be found here.

– Yashwanth Aluru

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