Kick 2 (2015)

Not only story, screenplay & direction but knowing the director who can justify these things well is very important for a film. The Surender Reddy directorial “Kick2” has completely missed these calculations. This movie starred Raviteja and Rakul Preet Singh in lead roles while noted actor and producer “Kalyan Ram” produced it under his home banner “NTR Arts”.

Plot :

This is a story of “Kick” Kalyan’s (Raviteja) son Robin Hood (Raviteja) who always seeks self-comfort in his life.

Narration :

Though I’ve written a single line, this plot has a lot of emotions embedded in it. But Surender Reddy who can deal action and comedy episodes well failed to deliver emotions to the audiences. Maybe the title “Kick2” can pull audience towards theater but once he enters this film cannot reach the title’s expectations.

All the characters’ introductions were in a normal way. Though there is Pandit Raviteja (Brahmanandam), it failed to tickle the audience’s bones. Likewise there are so many characters whose screen presence tested the patience. One good example for this is the role played by “Posani Krishnamurali” which had a lot of embarrassing characterization. Yet the director delivered a nice message through Robin’s character that “One should solve one’s problem on his/her own rather than depending on others”. I couldn’t figure out the need for canning “Mummy” song in a foreign location rather than wasting money.

The song titled “Nuvve Nuvve” was a big relief amidst a boring screenplay which had scenic locations, melody tune, slick photography and a beautiful heroine Rakul. The director tried to elevate the emotion with Tanikella Bharani’s character when story enters its actual location “Vilaspur”. The scene where all villagers offer prayers was elevated by Thaman’s impressive background score.

Robin’s character was established well in the second half where the screenplay enters the actual plot completely. But the director failed here again. Thaman’s most appreciable work, “Janda Pai Kapiraju” song wasn’t shot well on screen where “Temple Song” satisfied to some extent. The scene related to an innocent girl who lost her life due to antagonists’ cruelty proved that Surender Reddy cannot make an audience’s heart heavy.

Surender Reddy is famous for applying overrated logics and interlocking unnecessary tracks in screenplay. With these kinds of things, he ended Kick2 with an end card of “Kick3”. But on a whole, Robin’s character was neglected nowhere in the film.

Coming to performances, though the character Robin is good Raviteja’s performance made it a routine one. Despite getting older he maintained the same energy throughout the movie, as usual. Rakul Preet was prettier than that of her previous flicks though there was no much scope for her to perform. As said above, Brahmanandam failed to entertain this time. The antagonists played by Ravikishan and Kabir had nothing new to portray. The writers should erase the feeling in their minds that an antagonist is the cruellest person of the world. Bommali Ravishankar’s dubbing has become monotonous these days as he has to keep on shouting throughout the film.

Eminences :

  1. Vakkantham Vamsi’s Story line. Despite its poor execution, the basic plot of the movie has pretty amount of emotions.
  2. Manoj Paramahamsa’s Cinematography. The visuals in the movie were very slick suiting the locations.
  3. Thaman’s Music. For the first time, Thaman came up with an impressive album and background score. He’s the reason for audience’s clapping in some scenes.
  4. Production Values. Producer Kalyan Ram invested a huge amount without any compromise. It’s a good thing that a star turned out to be a producer for another star’s film.

Lowlands :

  1. The biggest lowland was Surender Reddy’s Screenplay & Direction.
  2. Poorly executed melodrama and comedy.
  3. Routine characterizations.
  4. Slow narration which made extended this film to 161 minutes.


An Telugu version of this piece can be found here

– Yashwanth Aluru

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