Srimanthudu (2015)

Run time : 163:00

CBFC Rating : U/A

Subtlety and modulations are the qualities one should get associate with Tollywood’s SuperStar Mahesh Babu. In Srimanthudu, he impressively reigns in his usual (though often effective) histrionics as Harsha. Despite having a big family and prosperous life, Harsha feels something is missing and always wants to help people beside him. Knowing that his father’s native place is in deep troubles from the girl whom he loved having the same ideologies, he takes holiday trip to village with the mission to adopt it. But Harsha finds more than what he bargains for, in the village of Devarakota about his father who had same ideologies in the past.

The paces of Koratala are as predictable as they appear, nor does it have as easily crowd-pleasing a hook as Mirchi. So it is a testament to his and his collaborator’s talents to keep the audience engaging with a fairly simple story for 163 minutes. After successfully pairing Anushka with Prabhas in Mirchi, Koratala yields similarly winning results with the combination of “Super Star” and Shruthi. Their easy-going rapport keeps one interested in their developing relationship while their strong individual turns do justice to the sharply written characterizations. DSP’s songs are good whereas BGM was not good. “Jatha Kalise” and “Jaago” are my personal favorites on screen.

No song quite packs the punch. However, “jaago” not only exemplifies DSP and Ramajogayya Sastry in music and lyrics but Koratala’s skills as a director. Until this point, the film is certainly enjoyable and involving, with a story and general entertainment. But this song sequence—through its memorable visuals, and great words sparkingly sung by Raghu—brings all of Koratala’s entiments, the flavor of Devarakota’s development, and Harsha’s spiritual journey and evolution to a culmination of unexpected and downright startling poignancy later.

Mahesh keeps the movie on its feet through pure screen presence, but Shruthi got few chances to develop the beautiful young social servicer, beyond portraying her as an uptight grouch. Mahesh and Shruthi previously appeared in a song together, they have good chemistry, which further strengthens their love story. Special mention to Shruthi dances.

Jagapathi Babu is more flavorsome as a wise old father, whereas Rajendra Prasad was more dramatic and boring after a point of time. Supporters like Rahul, Vennela Kishore, Ali and Sukanya add some amusing color.

Dialogues often seem more intent on lecturing and in a way entertaining.

Over all, the slow-burning Srimanthudu requires a bit of patience from its viewers, but such an investment is a minimal expense when the payoff is richly rewarding.

My Rating : 3.25/5 Stars

– Ashok Reddy

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